Just Clean Cares

Make Money Selling Our Cleaning Services

Regular Repeat Income Coming Your Way

Make One Off & Recurring Income Selling Our Popular Range Of Cleaning Services

Our Affiliate Scheme Pays The Following

  • 30% On All Initial Sales

  • Then 10% on any recurring payments (i.e. monthly recurring subscriptions.

  • The growth of our cleaning business is only set to grow and a great way for you to earn money on services that people you already know would like to buy. So we make it easy for you, with our comprehensive affiliate system enabling you to sell our products and services and make money every time they buy from us.

  • Not only that, but you get paid for the lifetime of the customer. For example, our Monthly Cleans Package is a repeat purchase product for which you get paid 10% of, for as long as they stay a customer!

  • Now is the time for you to start building your monthly repeatable recurring income and have a truly passive income stream.

What Can You sell?

One Off Cleans

Weekly Cleans

Monthly Cleans

The Cost?

It’s FREE.

We don’t believe in putting barriers in front of people’s success.cIf you want to sign up, you sign up. But there is a process, which I’ll detail below.​

What Training Do I Get?

Once a week, we cover training on all of the following subjects:

How to post content

How to get into a conversation

Product and Services Training

What NOT to do! 

(For example, we don’t SPAM groups, it’s really bad business etiquette and doesn’t work anyway)

How It Works


First You Apply

It’s simple to sign up, we just need a few details from you.

Then, we’ll schedule a call. We’re not into spamming groups and so on, so we want to get you on a call to run through how you’re going to promote, and what support we can give personally to you.

It’s not like other affiliate links that never work, for the right people, this can add significant cashflow to your monthly income, let’s do it right.


How To Make Sales

Once we’ve spoken, we’ll then send you your affiliate link so all website visitors you send are tracked.

Often, just knowing that someone needs a clean can be enough, you just recommend us, send them to our website or use your link, and if they sign up, you’ll automatically be allocated the sale.

We’ve found that SIMPLY sharing content doesn’t work, although that can raise awareness.

A better way is for you to get into a conversation with them, talk about what they need, and about how we can help, and then we’ll take over once the strategy session is booked.

We’ll provide you with images and videos you can use on your own social media platforms too.


We Track Everything

Whenever a client jumps on a call with us and decides to work with us, they’re already tracked as coming from you (because your link covers our entire range of products & Services), so the sale is automatically allocated to your account.


You Get Paid!

30% On All Initial Sales then 10% on any recurring payments on monthly sales (i.e. subscriptions)

30 days following each client payment, you get paid directly!

We also leave all cookies in place for a full 12 months, so someone who signs up say 9 months later after they’ve clicked your link, you’ll STILL get paid!


Commission / Example

Commission Is As Follows

One off or initial purchase : 30% Commission
Ongoing subscription services : 10% Commission


Let’s say someone buys a One Off Clean 5 hours for £150 (30% commission is £45) from your link.

Then they purchase a Monthly Service from us at say £200 a Month – then you get the following
First month is £60
Second month is £30
Third month is £30
and so on until they cancel.

Many of our clients stay with us for many months at a time, and often years, which means that the more you sell, the more you’ll be increasingly earning EACH and EVERY month.